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Cataloguing Acquisitions Serials and Systems
Role of CASS
CASS Committee
Format of meetings

Role of CASS

The Cataloguing Acquisitions Serials and Systems Group provides a forum for the sharing of information and skills relevant to acquisitions and collection development in TAFE Libraries. It enables TAFE Library staff to network information and policies across the state.

CASS Committee

Lynette Stanyer - Convenor
Bendigo Kangan Institute

Kathleen Dauksza
Melbourne Polytechnic

Krystyna Derwinska
RMIT University

Ruth Downs
Federation Training


Format of meetings

Quarterly meeting include reports from libraries and discussion topics followed by one or more of the following:
  • Guest speaker/s
  • Demonstration - acquisition packages, selection tools, electronic ordering, new technology
  • Tour of host library
  • Internet report
Staff development activities:
  • Visits to library suppliers/bookshops
  • Visits to Academic and Special Libraries


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